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1. Hire Services: -

  • VEHICLES are provided as per the client's requirements, to be mutually agreed upon.

2. Accessories: - In addition to the standard fixed accessories by the manufacturer, all the vehicles are specially equipped with the following accessories.
* To ensure safe and luxurious travel
* Mobile Phone
* Stereo System

3. Supervisors: - We operate the transportation services including staff pick - ups and drops as per shift schedule, house to house pick up and drops facility for up to 24 hrs and 7 days a week. To co-ordinate the operations, we provide full support to the supervisors, on duty. We also provide our input in logistic management and cost effective transport needs.

4. Logistics Planning: - Our staff is well trained into handling logistics and day to day operations of all kinds of vehicles. At SSLPL our main aim is to optimize the usage of all vehicles with minimum cost and high service output. The integration of world class routing and scheduling optimization know-how allows us to significantly reduce total operations cost at all customer locations. The quantum of such savings depends largely on the type of operation and the extent to which our customers choose to integrate and deploy expertise.

5. Drivers: - Driver are well trained, experienced and in uniform. They are readily accessible on their mobile phones.


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Scope of Services

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Operations / Infrastructure
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Fleet / Garage Facility

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Organization Structure
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Network & Locations

A network location is a profile that includes a collection of network and sharing settings that get applied to the network.