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As part of our continued commitment to provide the highest standard of service, we employ onto the best chauffeurs in the business.

Our professional, experienced and licensed chauffeurs are selected for their knowledge, experience, loyalty, presentation and courteous helpful and polite manner.

We trust in them and so can you.

  • Chauffeurs are hired, based on their background and experience.
  • Undergo aggressive ongoing professional training and development at the best driving and safety training organizations approved by WIAA.
  • They are trained to speak in English and the local regional language.
  • They are educated in Traffic, Routing, Health and Stress Management, as well as Behavioral Etiquette.
  • They are trained and certified by Maruthi Udyog on safety standards and driving.
  • Regular health checks are conducted by a certified doctor and orientation programs are conducted every alternate;month.
  • They are trained and nurtured to deliver a high-end hospitality experience adding style, class and comfort to your travel.
  • They are provided sleeping quarters if they need to stay overnight in order to meet any emergency bookings.
  • With an emphasis on safety, timeliness, availability and courtesy, they maintain the highest level of ethical and values.


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A network location is a profile that includes a collection of network and sharing settings that get applied to the network.